Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Allix B. + Photography: personal // northeast, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer

This blog is called "Allix B. Photography"
That's the name of my business, and this is the blog dedicated to it.
{Thank you, yes, I know I'm Captain Obvious.}
However, though my business is made up of images made for my clients, there's a lot more to it than that. 
Allix B. Photography = results of photoshoots
But Allix B. {thats me ;)} is made up of much more. Everything, specifically every person, emotion, moment that is a part of my life makes up a little portion of who "Allix B." is.
And photography, well...I have rambled about this before. Photography is not always professional and that's why even professionals can have a blast doing it for a living. There are few things in life that can be a hobby that skyrockets you to all different levels of joy while still having the potential of being a financially sustainable business or at least something to make a lil' dough on tha side. ;)
Yeah, its pretty cool.
SO, though some is coming up, I'm being honest and letting you all know that there is nothing "business wise" to hang up on the walls of this blog but there is plenty of Allix B. and Photography to share. :)
March was fun. :D Playing around with macro photography, driving, popcorn on the stove, camping at the lake, t-ball, Instagram captures, and all the happy in betweens.  Spring just is such a happy, something's-always-happening time of growth and change. Its exciting and special. And the fact that the beauty of its metamorphosis holds the mark of its Author who is Altogether Perfect and Unchangeable is just plain Awesome. :)

Make a wish. :)

Our friends new baby girl!! {Serenity Brenlyn - born March 16} Aren't her chubby cheeks the best!? :) 

Movie night calls for great measures, indeed. ;)

I've been working on getting my driver's licence...i.e. I've been driving as much as physically possible to fulfill all those ridiculous hours they require. {Yep, I'm on the highway now. Scared yet? ;)}

Yeah, so if your heart is totally beating out of your chest...I am only "play driving" in these pictures. The car was NOT.MOVING. at this point. I was not driving with my knees or anything crazy like that. ;D 

Besides, looks like we need to attend to something before we head out. ;D

Excuse me, just passing through...come here often? ;)

Favorite picture alert!!

Our yard is like a nursery now that its sporting two new precious baby oak trees.

Got the chance to go cheer on my girl. :)

And a few other cute girlies were there to help me. :)

She made us proud for sure. :D

So, yep...thats what March looked like around these parts.
Now onto an exciting April! :D
~Through Christ's Love  

P.S. Feel like this post was random? Haha, welcome to the work flow of my mind, folks. ;D


  1. Ok so I have a question about macro photography.... did you get another lens, or are you just using your 50mm? :) I have tried so many times to get SO close to a bee or flower like you did, but even though I try using manual focus, they just don't work! Maybe you just have a steady hand... ;) Love all your pictures, btw! :)

  2. Looks like you have a future in Major League Baseball. Love the pics and love you! Mitchell

  3. All of those are so gorgeous! I enjoyed every one of them. Macro photography = thumbs up! So pretty, delicate and detailed! Early congrats on getting your driving license!

  4. These are so cool! I especially love your macro shots - the one of the ant? Epic. :)) Good luck with that driving! I remember how hard it was to get all of my practice hours in.

  5. Woah!! I Love your macro photos!! what lens do you use??


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