Monday, April 30, 2012

Liz // 8th grade: portraits // northeast, tx portrait photographer

loves purple. plays basketball. coolest dimple ever {keep an eye out for it...} graduating 8th grade as the valedictorian! :D
Everyone, meet Liz.
She was such a fun subject!
She's just as sweet as she is beautiful which made her very pleasant {and easy!!} to work with. :)
She was a little worried that she wasn't doing the right thing from time to time.
I assured her that she was doing a fantastic job. :)
Especially considering the fact that she's never officially had her picture taken like this before!
{Pretty unbelievable, huh??}
She's definitely a natural! :D
Happy girl! :D
Lovely light!! :D
Check out the awesome wildflower bouquet I gathered for her! :D As a photographer you take on several different jobs during the course of a shoot. ;)
Thanks so much for letting me take your 8th grade graduation pictures, Liz. You were grrrreat!! :D
~Through Christ's Love  

P.S. A preview of my first senior portrait shoot EVER will be here tomorrow. And it also doubled as my first guy portrait shoot. So, yeah, NBD. ;) 
Believe me, you're not gonna wanna miss it! :D


  1. These are gorgeous. I love the one with her closing her eyes! And also that long winding road...wonderful.

  2. beautiful! lovelove the color pop in these. nice work!

  3. very nice! :) you get better every time!

  4. These are gorgeous!! Love them :D.

  5. Allix! WOW! These are really quite amazing. The lighting is fantabulous, beautiful subject and a pretty much great all-around skilled photographer. ;) Way to go!

  6. Gorgeous pictures, Allix!!! These are amazing! :) Such lovely light, too.

  7. these are all gorgeous! the light is so perfect and glowy and happy :)

  8. OH MAN, these are SO GOOD. WOW. I saw one of these photos on Pinterest and saw that you took it. WOAH. Crazy awesome.

  9. Ohmygoodness! Look at that light! and subject! and awesome photographer! Beautiffuuuul pictures :)

  10. ALLIX! These are fantastic! She's beautiful too! All of these have amazing light. I'm in love with all of them!! Wonderful job! :)

  11. Wow. Those are a-mazing, Allix! So much dreamy bokeh and the lighting/location is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! =) Lots of inspiration!



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