Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anna Claire: portraits // northeast, tx child photogrpaher

The light leaks through the trees whose branches are swaying back and forth with the gentle pressure of the April breeze. There is a brave ray that skips down to glint into those blue pools that often sparkle and light up her face. Her curls fall down, draping her shoulders, brushing her cheeks and if they are fortunate they may encounter those dimples that come out to play from time to time.

The grass is soft and damp still drying from its dew bath at dawn. The little toes and little feet hop from sunny patch to sunny patch to keep from getting wet. But her heels meet with a wet blade or two and a bit of dirt clings to those feet, jumping on to enjoy the ride. Dirt doesn't get very much excitement in its lifetime and this may be its only opportunity to enjoy this.

This...what is this? It is that whisper in the April breeze, the warmth in the sunshine, the depth of green in those leaves, its the crisp coolness of that dew. Its the joys of childhood. It displays itself in the yearning for adventure and if you have it its undeniable. If you don't, you are a pitiable soul.

It is not a lack of maturity. No, indeed. This wanderlust that fills the being can harbor the ability and tendency to be a rather deep thinker. An old soul, they call it. It is not the grave, the rude, the overly knowledgeable that are to be envied. It is the one who smiles at each day, loves unconditionally, and forgives grievances so that peace may be restored. This is the golden thread or even silk ribbon that ties itself beautifully around a child's heart.

And the key is, not to let that golden thread...that silk ribbon...

ever slip off.

~Through Christ's Love  


  1. omw that little girl is so stinken cute! beautiful work...I love how you captured her.

  2. that second one is soooo sweet. her golden curls are darling! :)

  3. Anna looks SO pretty! And her HAIR! Awesome :D

  4. She is just the cutest thing! These are beautiful portraits...and I love the words too.

  5. The bokeh & light are fabulous! Combined with an adorable kid and your awesome skills? Beautiful set!

  6. You are amazing Allix! Thank you so much. We love you!

  7. Oops! Forgot to put my name!
    Brandi Jean

  8. I love these pictures so much! :) Adorbe, Gorg, and Loverly!


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