Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pirtle Family // northeast, tx family portrait photographer

Ohana means family -
no one gets left behind,
and no one is ever forgotten. 
|| lilo + stitch ||
These are some of my favorite people. My mom's cousin Clay, his beautiful wife Tanna, and my little buddies, Tomi, Jett, and the newest baby Harper. :)

Speaking of the darling, she was quite ready for her 3 months closeup. ;)

Jett's precious smile and that spectacular bokeh...steals my heart right away. 

I could look at this all day and never grow tired of it. It makes me smile like crazy. :D

Gorgeous happy family :D 
P.S. Did I mention that I am just looooving the depth to my photography that my new camera adds? Cause I am. Oh how I am.

The day of the photoshoot happened to be Clay and Tanna's 10th wedding anniversary. How perfect is that? :)

Very perfect. :)

The light was CrrrrrAzyyy!! I thought to myself, "Looks like I'll be embracing sunflares today!" haha ;)

Work it, Tanna! You're stunning, girl. :)

I've been wanting to do some couple portraits like this for awhile. Got the idea from Pinterest. go figure. ;)

The fun thing is that that camera was Clay's father's. Uncle Drue always loved photography so me and him were definite kindred spirits. :)

And Tanna's stunning wedding ring was Clay's mother's. :)

This is pretty much my favorite. :)

~Through Christ's Love  

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  1. ooooohhh so sweet Alix! These photos are amazing! I love them all! fabtastic job!

  2. Allix, you are just SO GOOD WITH PEOPLE! Man.

    P.S. I like how you sneaked in our video ;)

  3. Oh wow, Allix. These are just stunning! The light is perfect in every single one and they are just the cutest! I love the couple photos! :)

  4. Great job! Love your location & lighting.

  5. Beautiful photos! It inspires me! :) Oh, and you looked pretty awesome rocking out in the video.

  6. These pictures are gorgeous Allix!!! Wow! Love the sunflare. You are so talented.



  7. these pictures are so cute!!
    --Arianna Marie
    author of 'shutter bug'

  8. I'm speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  9. Love the sun flare! Gorgeous photos girl!

  10. Oh, Allix!!!! can i just take a photography course from you??? you're amazing.....WHAT CAMERA DO YOU HAVE????? It's incredible! :) sosososososo awesome.... BEAUTIFUL pictures, AMAZING sun flare...Wow, i'm floored. Thanks so much for making life beautiful are my hero.

  11. These photos are brought with the assistance of various points of the camera.


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