Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hannah Nicole: portraits // grapevine, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer

Don't waste time looking for your style
the truth is you already have it.
you may just need to create more
in order to see it.
// promise tangeman-wurzell //                                                                                                                                                    
Yes, yes, the Hannah Nicole!!
She was participating in the Jessica Shae Summer Adventure Internship and I, as a past intern, attended the "Internship Renuion" that Jessica held on Wednesday. 
So, after about two years of waiting, we finally got to meet face to face!
{Man, I'm getting good at meeting online Hannah friends in person. ;)}

Its was funny how the big huge strange gap-of-cyber-friendshipness was swallowed up in seconds and I immediately felt like we had known each other our whole lives. :)
Ever since I found Aspire, I knew that this girl had a special soul. Beautiful, deep, rich, imaginative, and full of love....love for Christ, for her family, for people, for the eclectic, for art, for beauty, and for real living. Her style has continued to grow and deepen so rapidly she literally blows my mind every time she writes or creates something. 
Did I mention she's only 16. Yeah. I know. Its crazy ridiculous. ;)
She's pretty much the best ever. Except she can't say bag right. But I'll try to forgive her...and her camera baeg. I simply must have you back here in Texas for a longer amount of time one day, girl...maybe I can get some of our awesome accent that you love to rub off on you! ;)
P.S. Fun Fact! Rachel Leigh and I participated in a film contest recently and Hannah actually watched it without sound just so our voices would be a surprise!! Gah! How adorable is that?!

To answer all of y'all's question...yep. I had my doubts but its true.
Her eyes really are that stupendous in person. 
They're aaaamaaaaazing. :)

Oh, hey, while I'm teaching you Texas lingo, you can teach me to draw and paint and work Photoshop, k k? Cause I really need to learn and you're pretty much a beast at all of the above. :D

Ok, so I dig this shot. Absolutly Dig. It. Mostly cause its SO Hannah...it reminds me a lot of her work. :)
Which is downright phenomenal. {I'm running out of adjectives that truly describe her value you guys!!!} But anyways, if you've been living under a rock in the heart of Bolivia or something and haven't seen her work. GO. NOW. Make sure you're sitting down. Or you'll fall over. Promise.

She just recently got a 5D Mark II and 50mm 1.4 {just like me :)} and she's now officially a wedding photog. The artistic merit of this girl...beyond words.

I reeeeally loved her dress. A lot. Its a good thing I didn't stay in the hotel, cause it totally wouldn't have made it back to Minnesota. ;)

So much gorgeousness...

You have the sweetest smile, Hannah. :) 


Still contemplating how to steal it.....

AHHH!!! Its impossible to ever tell you how wonderful it was to finally meet you/hug you so tight we could've gotten dizzy from oxygen deprivation. You're soooo very precious and we must must must see each other soon, deal?! :)

Cause yeah, you're a keeper, for sure. ;)

~Through Christ's Love  

P.S. An official post of the whole Internship Reunion Day coming soon! :)


  1. Such gorgeous pictures of a beautiful girl, Allix! You have a wonderful eye for photography. (:

  2. Gorgeous pictures, Allix! Hannah's eyes are so beautiful...I love how you have them as the focus of most of the pictures. =) The bag part made me smile because I do the same thing to a family we know who say bag like baeg or however you write it. ;) And I seriously am super excited to see your full post, Lord willing! =) Blessings!

    With Joy in Christ,

  3. awwwww! allix, I love these pictures and I love YOU. miss you so much, girl, even though you say bag wrong. ;) seriously though, I was reading your post and thinking, "oh my word." you are too sweet and I can't wait to give you another big 'ol squeezy-break-your-bag-hug when I see you again. :) LOVE YOU! and miss you like spring misses summer.

  4. hey there. you're both amazing. the end.

  5. awesome! and stunning photos :)

  6. you took awesome portraits of her!! really good work! and also, what you wrote made me smile, especially the baeg thing ;)


  7. i'm like... dead. these are all so beautiful! she is stunning, is she not? :)

  8. hannah is pretty darn amazing, isn't she? :) lovely, lovely photos of her, allix! you two are adorable :)
    (two smileys. :) three.)

  9. Hannah, you are stunning, and Allix, your photos are just plain beautiful. I'm pretty sure I say bag wrong too, and I'm not even from Minnesota... ;)

  10. These are gorgeous Allix! :) Isn't she the best?! (Even though she does say bag wrong ;))

  11. isn't she freaking amazing!? if i hadn't of met her before all of you i'd probably be so jealous right now. ;) hah, but seriously. and really allix? we don't say bags that wrongly. hah!


  12. Beautiful beautiful beautiful pictures Allix!!!! Great job! And as for you hannah, can you make some of your beauty rub off onto the rest of us? Thanks darling. :)

  13. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!


  14. Gorgeous girls, gorgeous photography! :) Hannah is a totally authentic person and you captured her spririt SO well!

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  15. She is so beautiful! I love it!


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