Monday, September 30, 2013

Claire Elizabeth : portraits || downtown mckinney, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer

Courage is not about knowing the path. 
Its about taking the first step.
| katie davis | 

Claire Elizabeth is a rare gem in a sea of copycats. She is an old soul with a young heart and she is deeply invested in each day she lives. She has an eye for rich beauty and she really is inspirational to be around. She's only {ONLY} 14 years old. Take a moment to be shocked. But it is not simply her mature, put together look and style that blows me away when hearing her true age it is her demeanor, how she carries herself, her faith, her courage, her passion. You would never know that she is that young. She isn't buttoned-up or hoity-toity by any means. She knows how to let loose and have fun, laugh hard, and fully enjoy happy moments. 
She and her family just made a huge move from Texas to South Africa pretty much permanently, as the Lord leads, to minister to the people there, namely orphans, in any way they can.  Their whole journey so far has reminded me of Abraham who God set out and he obeyed...knowing not which way he was going!! True faith! That's the Gruvers. :) They are trusting the Lord to direct their path and He is abundantly blessing them. 
I miss you my dear sweet Claire-friend! I know the Lord will be with you, your parents, and your siblings on this great adventure! Can't wait to follow along as closely as I can. Keep Instagramming, mmmkay?! ;) <3
Now...onto sharing her VOGUE cover worthy, timeless, classiness with all of you. :)
Plus also her right eye? Is brown + blue and looks like the world. It is one of the most fascinating I die. 

Does anybody see why this is one of my favorite portrait sessions I've ever done?? :D

~Through Christ's Love  


  1. These are so gooood!! I love the ones in the crape myrtle or whatever that pink blooming tree is!!

  2. Wow, definitely Vogue worthy! :)
    Great job Allix. These are beautiful!


  3. absolutely gorgeous! Excellent work Allix!

  4. Every single one of these is so gorgeous!!

  5. Wow. I think these are my favorite photos you've ever taken. They have so much soul (and beauty, DUH). ;)
    I still can't believe she's only 14! Claire, you are stunning! :)

  6. Claire, you are absolutely gorgeous! Beautifulbeautifulbeautiful. Your smile shines.
    ALLIX. Girl, you are SO talented. Like, really.

  7. G-GEEZ! Wowzie… This girl is soooo gorgeous and you are like, so talented. :)

  8. Whoa. These are amazing, Miss Allix! And the one where her hair is blowing across her eye? That makes my artist's heart sing.

  9. Stunning! This is really beautiful. Real, natural posing, beautiful light, classy editing and a gorgeous subject!

  10. These are the most gorgeous portraits I've ever seen you take AND the most gorgeous pictures of Claire I've ever seen :).

  11. Oh my goodness, all I can say is, HOW ON EARTH IS SHE ONLY 14 YEARS OLD??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, you did pretty dang well with these photographs. ;)

  12. For some reason I just can't believe that she is 14. She is so very lovely and classy.
    And her eyes?!?! Wow.

  13. 14!? no way! she looks way older and is super talented!
    all of these photos are incredible, allix!! :)


  14. I love the whole session!
    And, she can't be 14! o.O She is so beautiful and mature!


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