Thursday, September 26, 2013

Elizabeth Bristol : portraits || downtown mckinney, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer

"she was beautiful, but not just like those girls in the magazines.
 she was beautiful, for the way she thought.
 she was beautiful, for that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved.
 she was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile even if she was sad.
 she was beautiful, when she smiled with all her heart because she was fully enjoying life.
 no, she wasn't beautiful for just something as temporary as her looks. 
she was beautiful, deep down to her soul."
This precious girl has a heart of gold. Her name is won't find her on Facebook, but she's definitely worth befriending. :) She is quirky, and spunky, encouraging, thoughtful, graceful, and giggly...passionate about what she likes, and who and what inspires her. Plus she could easily be mistaken for Rachel McAdams so yeah, she's adorably, awesomely cute. ;)

~Through Christ's Love  


  1. Wow. These. are. beautiful. And she is so beautiful!

    Molly Marie

  2. Beautiful, beautiful job, Allix! You captured Elizabeth perfectly! :)

  3. Well, she sure is gorgeous and seems like such a sweet person. I'd love to meet her...and you of course. :)

    I love how you found that cranberry red colored building for this shoot. It really pairs well with her outfit. So cool.

    Blessings, friend!


  4. oh she's adorable! i love her plaid and red nails. the red accents everything perfectly! so lovely allix. :) i like the look of the b&whites, but these are all so good! xx

  5. Loved these. She's so beautiful and you captured her beauty so perfectly!

  6. Beautiful :) I love her curls!!!

  7. So beautiful! I love how colorful these photos are...they seem to go with her personality so well! :)

  8. Oh she's beautiful! These are amazing.

  9. I love your black and whites! Do you use some kind of preset?

  10. Allix, your photography is seriously stunning!! I can't put into words how gorgeous your photog work is, but I'm simply so inspired and your clients are super blessed to have you as their photographer. =) Blessings!!


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