Monday, September 2, 2013

Jacob + Annie : Married {second shot with Jessica Shae} || chandler's gardens; celina, tx wedding and lifestyle photographer

Several weeks ago I had the fun privilege of second-shooting a beautiful wedding with my precious friend, the darling, oh-so-talented, oh-so-curly-headed, oh-so-preeegnant Jessica Shae. :) We shot at the gorgeous Chandler's Gardens {which is where Jessica got married, too!} and Jacob + Annie's day was just enough woodsy and eclectic with a whole lotta enchanted lovely and bucket loads of fun. :)

Emphasis on the fun buckets. ;)
 It all started when Jessica sent me over to the Groom's Room....Jacob's guys really gave him an over-the-top, "Duuude!! You're getting married!! We got your back, man!! Partyyy time!!" hilarious atmosphere. ;)

This series I like to call, "Jacob's Support Group" ;)

"Groom"ing him was an "all hands on deck" business. ;)

They really did their best to make sure Jacob was fully "primped" at all times. ;)

In the meantime, the ladies were across the way getting pretty. :)

Annie's sister Kate was married just a few months before Chandler's Gardens too! And she wore the same wedding dress as her sister! :)

Annie really was a stunning bride! :)

Surrounded by reeeally pretty ladies, I might add. :)

All the flowers and decorations had me swooning all day.

One of my favorite parts was getting to wait around the corner with Annie and her dad before he walked her down the aisle. Such a real, sweet, priceless, irreplaceable few minutes...Daddy/Daughter moments!! *Tears!!* :')

"Oh no! Am I crying?! Is my makeup running?!"

"There's nothing to worry about, Sweetheart. You look perfect." :)

Annie's brother, Graham + his girlfriend's folksy soulfulness was a great fit for the whole feel of the wedding. :)

Signing the hymn. :)

Please note end groomsman capturing the moment. ;)

Mr. and Mrs. Lowe! :D

The dancing was some of the best I've ever seen at a reception. From the First Dance, to the Father/Daughter Dance, to the Freestyle for was aaaall awesome. :D It was quite the night. :)

High-fiving his mom. ;)

Both sets of parents were so adorable and in love! :D

Dancing with her personal attendant which is one of her best friends. :)

Daniel + Kate (whose wedding Jessica also shot) are seriously the coolest. ;)

Saying goodbyes...always so bittersweet. :')

A bigbigbig thanks to sweet Jessica for letting me shoot with her (and her cutest-in-the-world baby bump!) I really did have a always. ;) Seriously can't wait to meet your little man and tell him one day about how he was a part of our team that spent a Sunday evening making beautiful pictures together. (There will also be other activities such as chubby cheek kissing, feet tickling, belly patting, and head rubbing. Of coooourse!! Can't. Wait.) ;)

~Through Christ's Love  


  1. These are so beautiful :) your blog is literally one of my favourites to visit
    saida xx

  2. this wedding is stunning and your photos are just spectacular. wowow. lovely.

  3. oh my. all I can say. really, this is so lovely and perfect.

  4. Delightful, glorious, wonderful and pretty much perfect in every way.
    You never cease to amaze me with your photography, Allix. :)

  5. This wedding is gorgeous - and I love your photos! Really beautiful, Allix.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos, Allix!!! :) I am always inspired by your work... stunning.
    Not to mention, in most of these photos, the groom looks an awful lot like Hugh Dancy (


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