Friday, August 30, 2013

The Jeffreys: family portraits // northeast, tx family portrait and lifestyle photographer

Tanner loves Ashley and Ashley loves Kamden Ray and Kamden certainly loves Madilyn Leeann...who most people call Maddy...except Kamden. Cause he calls her Mammy. :)
These captures document a summer morning that I greeted the day early and got to work {good thing my work involves me having fun doing one of my favorite things. ;)} I usually stick to afternoon, evening light...maybe as a bit of a security blanket of sorts? Anywho...morning light can be wonderful too, ya know. What with its crisp airyness that reminds me of freshly washed white linen sheets hung out on a line to dry, blowing in a soft gentle breeze. Wow. Sometimes I feel like Shakespeare himself would wink and give me a high five or thumbs up. Except he probably wouldn't ever do those things ever. Much less for me and my poor attempts at lovely speeches.
I digress.
The Jeffrey family, everyone...lounging on a gorgeous quilt craftily handmade by Ashley's great-grandmother. Just delightful.  :)
 Their session defied the summer heat and gave a sweet message of spring instead. It was a pleasant little trick they pulled. Pastels can really do a number on your mind when you let them. ;)
This is Kamden Ray. He is the perfect type of 100 percent boy that I like. Yes he can be rough and tumble, his favorite current obsession is "choo-choo"s, and dirt is merely a substance made to be conquered. But he is not too gruff of a little man to have the tenderness to read stories to his Mammy (or at least show her the choo-choos on the back) and run after tiny yellow butterflies that wake up to start their journeys as the sun peaks over the trees little by little. 
This is Madilyn Leeann. She looks like she is all bows and fluff but she much prefers to go decoration-free. She is a thinker, observer, mover, and poser. Her personality is bigger than she is and if, when she grows up, her heart can be as big and beautiful and fascinating as those baby blues of hers I think she'll be doing alright. :)
Tanner + Ashley are the Mama and Daddy bears in the picture. They might have been shy to try to hide the truth. The nonchalant facade they put on was paper thin. They're in love. I know it. And they know it. And I captured it. That's where the matter begins and ends. ;)
And this is them. The Jeffrey family. All together. Being them. And that is how it should be. 
"Look, Mammy! A choo-choo on the back!
But inside its just a...
...just a...
...well, between you and me, Mammy....
...its one of your Barbie books. *sigh*" ;)
"So its not John Deere...but if you like it, let's read it." :)
"You know somethin', Dad!?"
"Yes, Madilyn...what is it?
"I'd say this photoshoot thing has got me pretty tired....
...okay. so. Reeeeally tired.
I'd say we did a fine job this morning. We all done here, Mom? Good? K deal." :)
Thank you four again for letting me photograph your family. I loved every bit of it. :) 

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. this little family is so cute. :)

  2. You have a great talent, these are beautiful!
    would you like to follow each others blogs? if so let me know and ill follow you right back :)
    lots of love
    saida xo

  3. i love your black and whites!

  4. beautiful! what a sweet family. :)

  5. Really sweet stuff.
    Like, too sweet.


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