Monday, August 5, 2013

Atlas Elizabeth turned two + hugged Buckbee + painted stuff : portraits || paris, texas child portrait and lifestyle photographer

She's curious, rough and tumble, not the least bit afraid of anything; with curls that bounce and a great love for adventure and a funny little dog named Buckbee. Her two short years on this earth have been graced with her spunk, zeal for life, dimples, and just the sheer miracle that she's here at all.
Some of you might know and some of you may not; Atlas was born weighing 2lb. 12 oz. and had to live in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the first few months. Her story really is remarkable. God is good. I've written about it lots and lots. If you haven't heard, you should see the posts below. For really won't regret it. :)

I never tire of making photographs of her and her oh-so-rad, ooooh-so-fab Mama and Daddy. {I mean, just check 'em oooout. ;)} They are so unique, and creative, and exciting, and real, and bursting with joy and love. They are a breath of fresh air in a world that desperately needs more of the genuine inside-and-out beauty that this family possesses. 
Who says the story has to be about a boy and his dog? ;) Cause Atlas loves Buckbee.
So. Mary is an artist. She also wanted to do something fun which amounts to the fact that she planned to end the session with the whole family painting a huge canvas together. That's altogether brilliant. She always has stellar ideas like this. Seriously guys, I just bring my camera and know that greatness awaits me. :)
No, but really....she's a pro in the making....see that concentration? 
Buckbee isn't quite sure she approves of Atlas's painting career....she's still mulling it over.
I think she would give it the go ahead as long as she isn't the canvas of choice. 
Of course, as Atlas clearly knows, that rule isn't the she can't promise anything.
"Come back, Buckbeeeee!"
Just happened to have this blaring in my headphones currently...
"Baby you'll be famous, chase you down until you loooove me" Ha.
Sometimes the messiest approach is the best. 
Finito! :D 
Oh. Except for, then Mary turned it into this. Yeah. Like I said...Brilliant. 

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. those eyes and those curls and...a painting!! couldn't get better than that! awesome job :)

  2. goodness her eyelashes! and her baby cheeks! SO CUTE! :)
    love the idea of painting for a session...and the finished project is AH-MAZ-ING!

  3. Oh goodness, she is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I can't handle it. Her, curls, the picture of her hugging her dog, her concentrated face while painting...ah! LOVE these, Allix.

  4. pretty much want to pin anything from this session. you capture so beautifully, allix. needed this reminder tonight--photography is so beautiful and powerful, and from time to time I forget that fact.

  5. so basically every time you post it's like an amazing little story with beautiful pictures. and it's pretty fabulous. thumbs up for being awesome and ROCKING this session! ;)

    (p.s. I remember stalking all your posts of Atlas and goodness, she is getting so big!! so precious) :)

  6. sooo soo so so precious! and that painting is fabs. :)

  7. amazing pictures as always :) and those CURLS - ahhh so adorable !


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