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Taylor Austin + Helena Clare : Married - Wedding of Steele || columbia, missouri wedding and lifestyle photographer

|| I am quite sure that
 marrying your best friend
 has to be one of the most 
glorious feelings on this earth...
in this life...
in the history of ever. ||

Every love story seems to tell the tale of "best friends" but something about Taylor and Helena really seems to embody that term better than any couple I've ever met. They're just a pair. You never think of Taylor without Helena or vice versa. To comprehend them, you must get to know them as a couple. They were made for one another. Everyone knows it. ;) This is a romance that began as a shy, admittedly nerdy, Jr. High friendship that blossomed into true as can be, following hard after Christ, delicate and yet stronger than death love. :) And the day they became Husband and Wife there was a quiet sense of mutual giddiness amongst all their dearest family and closest friends because these two longtime buddies were finally becoming one. So much happy. :)

The first description of Helena I ever heard was absolute truth:
Helena is sweeter than icing on a cupcake. Sweetness is like her supernatural God-given gift. :)

And speaking of sweetness: this is the adorably precious Amanda Marie. Helena's dear dear chum and sister in Christ. {I like her pretty good too. ;)}

That gorgeous woman back there to the left is Rebekah. You probably recognize her pretty face from THIS WEDDING. 
{All caps because it still gives me chills that I actually jumped off the cliff of wedding photography. Starting with that day. Wowie wowzers, Batman.}

Rebekah was in four {count 'em} foooour weddings as a bridesmaid this year; twice as the maid of honor! If that doesn't give you enough of a hint, I'll tell you straight out, its because she's one of the loveliest ladies you could ever ever EVER meet. Simple as that. :) 

This is Laura...quite the sweetheart, delightfully talented pianist and ballroom dancer extraordinaire   {Note: Slight exaggeration present ;)}
The girls' room was full of just the right balance of prayer, incessant giggling, and melodic hymn singing. It was a very pleasant place to spend the first part of my morning. :)

While the boys' room was full of class, sophistication, and gentlemanly robust "bro time."

Taylor compassed about with some of his closest fellas. Jase and Colin, the best man.
Otherwise known as J-Dog and C-Skin.
{But only on their super especially coolest days.}

Please take note of Jase's sandals. That is pure J-Dog awesomeness, my friends. He's the man.

Really, I love this wedding party to pieces because they are passionate for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, they are deeply encouraging spiritually and at the same time they can be some of the silliest, most hilarious people I've ever met. I was laughing and smiling soooo much all day because they're all down-right great. :) That's what I loved about the whole day; while it was simple, relaxed and classy, it was full of God-glorifying fun...just like what Taylor and Helena wanted. :D 

I adored the girls singing hymns while getting ready. Such a perfect way to calm any wedding day jitters. :)

And this is the guys looking like they're singing hymns but they're actually singing this....pretending they sound as incredible as dwarves. They almost do....almost.

Enter Aleksy, Helena's brother, and Austin, another one of Taylor + Helena's stellar pals since junior high.

Emma, Taylor's sister, snuck in to check on her brother after she was all ready in her bridesmaid attire. :)

With boutonnieres in place, it was time for the guys' before ceremony portraits. And so the party began...

That moment when you ask the groomsmen to "Grab a bench" Laugh out loud...for real.

It only took a few moments...

for them to pull it together...

and lock into beast mode. Bam.

These guys seriously are thick as thieves; they giggle like girls when they're together. A bestie is a bestie no matter if you're a male or female.

These. Guys. *insert emoticon laughing so hard its crying here, kthanks.*

But, my goodness, they always brought it back to suave status though. :)

Ginny is Helena's twin sister and was her maid of honor {of course.} That's what twins are there for, right? ;)

Pouring her heart out to her Father once more before becoming the wife of the man He had made exactly for her. :)

I love this of Helena's parents. :)

Taylor felt the need to sign his own guestbook.
"Well, I'm here, aren't I?" ;)

{Sharp dressed usher to the right. Yep. Mine all mine. Whoop der it is.}

Mike Ford, another usher who is of complete coolness. Indubitably. :)

You go, usher-boys. Get them chairs. 
{Forgive my cheerleading. I can't help it, I'm fans of these dudes. I just have to inform you that My Very Favorite was wearing Sambas and Mike was sporting brand new Chucks. They deserve the highest of fives. K....interruption to this broadcast is over...back to the ceremony now.  ;)}

To explain the eruptive laughter displayed in the next picture, Taylor was asked to place the ring on Helena's finger. Somewhere between his hand and her finger he dropped it and it rolled all around the stage as he frantically chased it, catching it right before it would've fallen irretrievably behind a hole in the floor. Hero-on-the-fly moment at its finest. ;)  

Hiccup slip-up or not, the time had come all the same and before they knew it, Charles was announcing them Husband and Wife.

That's always the greatest part, isn't it? I think so. :) 

Happy hugs. :) :) 

Oh dear me, they're such crazies. ;)

And beauties. They are that too. :)

Fun, crazy, goofy, special, beauties...

...that can jump. * insert crying/laughing emoticon again...big time. * #dying

Noooow that we've realized how absolutely fabulous {and talented} the whole gang is.....
The Bride and Groom. :) 

I was so thrilled to be shooting their wedding because I knew it was going to be down-right fuuuun and full of laughter no matter what. This fact was ascertained when the question on their contract about wedding attire {clearly answered by Taylor} ended up in my inbox:
"Bride will look stunning with a white wedding dress.  Groom will look dashing with light gray suit and purple/silver striped tie.  Groomsdudes will be wearing dark gray pants, white button-up shirts, and silver suspenders.  Best man will be wearing a silver tie and other dudes will be wearing purple ties.  The gals will be wearing dusty purple dresses, with the best gal wearing a dusty silver dress … In shade."
Yeah. I cracked up....just slightly. ;)

Both Taylor and Helena are extremely humble, caring, gentle, shy in demeanor but bold for Christ, loyal, and they are each other's favorite person...hands down. :) 

Taylor says,
Helena is very loving and caring to everyone and everything around her. :)
She is very heavenly minded and has a godly attitude about basically everything.  

She brings a good balance to me.  

I also love how she loves all of my jokes and thinks that I'm one of the funniest people in the world...  Those  are just a few of my favorite things.

And Helena says
I love all of his jokes and think he's one of the funniest people in the world!!! ;) 
When I think about Taylor's personality, his strengths and weaknesses...

I know that we were made by God for  each other.

 I know that he was made to lead me and point me to Christ because when we are together that is  ultimately what he does. I know that I can follow him and rely on him to take care of me. He is a very trustworthy,  responsible man who really does know how to make me smile and loves me sacrificially... even when I am not  very lovable, he loves me. He teaches me about Christ's love all the time. 

When it came to the proposal, Helena said,
It was really more of a discussion than a suddenly proposed question... But after we went to pick out a ring, we were going to go out to eat, and he made a stop at our favorite park and took me to the top of the cliff to get down on one knee to put the ring on my finger.

As much as these two have seemed inseparable for sooo long, it'll be fun to see what its like now that they're truly one flesh. :) They love being together so this new life will suit them I think. ;) How they listed their favorite "together activities" once again made me laugh. 

Talking, drinking coffee/expensive chocolate money-grenade coffee-like drinks, reading, praying, going on walks in the park, watching movies, and going out to eat.

Not watching musicals.

Really though, who needs musicals when you're this fierce?...I mean...really.

Fierce yet puppies. :) I love it.

Colin would attempt to blow as many bubbles as possible directly in Taylor's face as they tried to run to the car. Typical besties. ;)

A bubble getaway suited their sweet cuteness perfectly...their shy little "Hehe. Bubbles. Ahhh." smiles are the best. ;)

And like all those bubbles flying around in the air around them for a brief moment, those lovebirds were there and then gone.  It was all over, and I just felt happyhappy and thankful to be a part of  the epic
Wedding of Steele. :)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. you do such an amazing job capturing the true emotion and beauty of the moment! God Bless! {Lori} ps. I'm not getting married anytime soon, but I would most certainly hire you!;)

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  3. Great job, my friend :D. They'll treasure theses forever :D. And sadly my pinterest is down so I can't pin any of my favorites!! Later :)

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    You're awesome. :)

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