Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chance, Duree, Braxton, + Ella Rose || northeast, tx family portrait and lifestyle photographer

This is Chance and Duree. 
They are some really cool people and they have a mutual love for a pair of beautiful kids that happen to belong to them, namely a boy named Braxton and a diva baby girl named Ella Rose. 
They are all effortlessly easy-going, relaxed, against the grain, and masters of nonrigid candid living. I like that. And them. 
So these are the pictures we all made together one morning right as the Texas sun began to heat up and all Ella really wanted to do was stand by herself and pick flowers. ;) 
The session was just as fun and free-spirited as they are so I hope you enjoy. :) 
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. Amazingness hit it bang on the target, AGAIN!!!
    What a sweet looking family, I swear you're blessed with having the most good looking people to photograph ever! :)

  2. Great job!!!! Love every shot of this sweet family....but I might be partial since it's by brother with the great little family =)

  3. these are absolutely beautiful, and just precious, Allix. ;) love these so much! what a sweet, happy little family. xox

  4. this family is so precious. and that girl. omg. such a cutie. ;)


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