Thursday, August 15, 2013

Case Thomas is One || northeast, tx child portrait and lifestyle photogrpaher

The evening I spent with this little man and his Mama was nothing short of amazing.

Seriously, with cheeks and eyes like that, Case won me over in a half a heartbeat. gah! :)

Mr. Squishy Sweet Face just turned one so his Mama wanted to have his adorable self captured on camera to celebrate. :)

He wasn't too thrilled about it a few times. {Hey, don't sweat it, kid! This black box scares me too sometimes!}

But with his Mama there, he was pretty smiley. Moms have that effect on all of us, don't they? They're like Wonder Women. Three cheers for moms! And Case! And turning one!

And also one more thing before I let you free to soak in his chubby soft, over-alls country, cuteness...his cool little wagon he was cruising in part of the time belonged to his Daddy years ago! Pretty neat, huh?! you're free. ;)

Hold it! P.S. One more time! Doesn't Rebecca remind you of Amy Poehler?? Shyeah, I know! I'm tellin' job pretty much consists of photographing fabulous people all the time. Sa-weetnessss. ;)

~Through Christ's Love  


  1. amazing!! love the reflections in chase's eyes... :)

  2. little chubby blond-haired boys have this charm that makes my heart go: AHHHHH. THIS IS TO MUCH CUTENESS FOR ONE SOUL.

    …pretty much. plus, your photo's are so beautiful. :)

  3. Allix. This is one of my favorite shoots you've ever done! Seriously!! You did flawlessly! You rock hard, woman.

  4. Oh Allix, this is the loveliest most gorgeous mother-and-son shoot I've EVER had the pleasure of laying eyes one.

  5. these are so so so adorable! amazing photos

    saida xo


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