Monday, January 23, 2012

Philip, Nicole, Micah & Jude: Family Portraits // mt. pleasant, tx child and family photographer

Now before we get this post rolling, I'd like to bring a few things into perspective.
Remember Noelle?
Well, the lovely folks you're about to meet, Nicole & Philip, are her aunt and uncle. 
'Nother fun fact.
Noelle's dad, David is Philip's brother. And Noelle's mom Bethany is Nicole's sister.
Brothers married sisters! :D
That has always made me smile. :)
Ok, now on to the pretty people.
Oh, and let me tell ya, when I say pretty, I mean ridiculously gorgeous...just so you know.
First off, I'll introduce you to the handsome little men of the family.
Micah Kaniel
and Jude Shiloh. :)

When their mom saw the pictures of Noelle she really wanted me to take pictures of her cuties. I happily obliged. :D
Micah was the shy, quiet one who was content to be playing with his trains. :)
While brother Jude just sat around being absolutely adorable, chewing on sticks and smiling from ear to ear at everything. 
Most of the time. ;)
I really am good with kids I promise!
See? They love me. ;D

 Once I let Micah play with the xylophone {man...I don't ever have to write that word...I have to admit, spell check helped me out there. ;)} we all realized that we had just found something that made them both reeeeally happy. :D These are some of my favorites from the day. :) :)
Jude was especially stoked about it. ;)
 How do such little people make such hilarious faces?? They're like comic geniuses!
Jude, you're too cute! :)
AH! You too Micah!!
Especially when you throw leaves. :)
Oh oh! Now would be a good time to introduce you to Philip and Nicole I think. :D
They're pretty great. :)
This turned out so much better than I had planned...I didn't even ask Micah to turn around! It all just fell sweetly into place. :D
Alert! You are approaching gorgeousness!
Ok, so some couples are just cute together, right?
Some couples even start to look better with each other the longer they're together.
Look, to cut to the chase, I don't know how long these guys have been looking this fabulous but all I know is that they are crazy beautiful...down-right stunning. No joke. All you lovely Hollywood couples, I'm sorry...but you just don't stand a chance.

 They're so presh its not even funny. :)
 Pure cuteness. :)
Just before we called it a day, Nicole remembered the boys winter hats that she had wanted some pictures with.

I'm so glad she did. :)

~Through Christ's Love 


  1. Loooved these :D. They are one stunning family :D. And CUTE!

  2. Oh my goodness! Those boys are too cute! And I love their names, especially the middle ones! All these pictures are so beautiful and I love the black and white one of Philip and Nicole.

  3. They are SO cute. You did such a fabulous job! & I love the bokeh in the first few images!

  4. Allix, you did a beautiful job, I know you work hard to capture those sweet smiles and special moments. ~What a sweet family~

  5. Wow, could these people get any cuter? You did a great job capturing them in ridiculously adorable poses :)


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