Friday, January 20, 2012

You & Me, and Baby Makes a Family: family portraits 2011 // paris, tx family photographer

These are some of the beautiful families that I was able to photograph over the 2011 holiday season. Enjoy :D

Robb, Misti, & Braiden...oh, and Merle the Golden Retriever :D
That dog was so ridiculously photogenic!!
Michael, Joanna, Lucas, & Madeline...Maddie for short :)
Lucas kept breaking up the kiss ;D
So they turned the kiss on him! And then on baby Maddie too :)
And I also did a few for Kenneth, Mary, and Atlas for their Christmas card :D
Btw, the miniature fuzzy boots and sweater dress?! Come on!! How do people think of this cuteness??
The cool thing is that all these kiddos go together.
They're cousins :D
Kenneth & Michael are brothers which means all these people go together, too.
 Kenneth & Michael are also my uncles so...I guess I can admit that I fit somewhere off in there too. ;)
~Through Christ's Love 

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  1. Love all of these! Especially the ones with Lucas and Madeline. So adorable! Then again, all those kiddos are adorable! Great job Allix!


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