Monday, January 30, 2012

Rachel Leigh: business portraits // mt. pleasant, tx portrait photographer

So there's this girl. 
Her name is Rachel Leigh Greene. You might have heard of her. She's kinda an amazing photographer if you haven't noticed. :) {Wait, did some of you say you've never checked out her blog? Well hold it! Go over there right now! I didn't link her name just cause I thought it looked pretty in a different color. ;)} But besides her great photography skills, I'm sure you've noticed that she's like one of my best friends ever.
Seriously. Ever. I feel so blessed.
Now, there's some things you need to know about her that you may or may not have picked up on from either of our blogs.
By all means, let me fill you in. :)
She's one of the happiest people you'll ever meet. She just loves to smile...smiling's her favorite. ;) And the special thing about her joy is that its an eternal joy that comes from her Savior, Jesus Christ!! :D
She also has the awesomest red Toms that I would love to snatch. 
Unfortunately her feet are way smaller than mine. Bummer.
Looks like Swiper no swiping, Swiper noooo swiping.
Awww maaaan! ;)
She has an affinity for the color red and sticks. More on that later.
She has eyelids that any model would fight to have.
But she's far too humble to ever admit it. ;)

As you might have guessed, the whole eyelid thing was just a silly inside joke.

But her love for sticks, sadly was not. I tried to get her not to do it but she would chew on that thorny thing. ;) Which brings me to the point of her bravery. Brave...that is what you call a person that fearlessly bites pointy objects, right? I thought so.

And her hair. Its long. Very long. She likes it like that...and I do too. It suits all its Hippie-like glory. 
Another inside joke. She's not a Hippie, I promise. ;)

Though she does befriend random plants...

And she's a tall green grass, blue sky with puffy white clouds kind of girl. :D

Who can blame her? 

I certainly couldn't. In fact, she looked like she was having even more fun than me so I laid belly-down on that luscious grass too. It was fantastic. :D

Don't look now, I've made her laugh again. ;)
What was not so fantastic was when we found a dead turtle lying in between us under this fallen tree. We photographers encounter unbelievably life-changing things. I was especially broken up about it being, myself, a turtle owner.
After a brief moment of silence, we moved on to better things. :D
Such as golden hour in a field, with her lovely outfit, old books, tall weeds, and more of her gorgeousness.
It was time for Sweet, Beautiful Round Two.

This happens to now be one of my favoritest pictures of all time. Hooray. :)
Oh, don't mind us just go on being over-the-top gorgeous. 
Yeah, so, um...This Big Famous Magazine Whose Name I Forgot just called....Can I give them your contact info, Rach? ;)
For're stunning. :)
 Tall golden weeds make things better, don't they?

Cute :)
She made an awesome quote picture out of this...see it here
We were both having such a great time that when we got ready to leave, we almost completely forgot the books. Thankfully she remembered at the last minute and ran back to get them...looking adorable all the way. :) 
Hehe :) This is so her. :D
{Yep, I included the brown cones just for you Mrs. Greene. Love ya! :)}
To sum it all up, I love this girl to pieces. 
And I know all of you just wish you could be as cool as us. 
That is what you were wishing, right?
Well, in that case, never mind. ;)

Have a good week people. :D
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. Hahahaha, this post is so hilarious. All of the inside jokes and my hippie/goofiness. It's great :D. I want to thank you again for taking these pretty pictures of me!! I LOVE YOUUUU! :)

  2. I love every single one of these but my favorite is the hair swish in the field. And that light is SO amazing! Love it girl!

  3. Allix~ You captured so many special moments with Rachel being Rachel. I know you two had a blast~! She went from looking like my little girl to a little woman and back. She has always looked like she wore eyeshadow and lipstick since she was a baby. I love her natural,no fuss style. I can't get away with that but she sure can. I think she just washed her hair and face for this shoot, oh and brushed her teeth. "D

  4. Gosh, I love them all- can't pick a favorite!! Can I just jump over there and hang out with you two for a day?? :-)
    Oh, and yes, I do wish I could be as cool as you. ;) You live in've interned with (and personally know) Jessica wear really cool boots (okay, I wear Ariats, too, but yours are even cooler)...aaaand the list goes on. :D
    I love Rachel's sweet lacy top! Y'all are too cute!

  5. Such a fun post! I love keeping up with ya'll's blogs! =D

  6. =) What a lovely post! I very much enjoyed looking at all the amazing pictures!!!

  7. This looks like so much fun! I love Part II :) they're all gorgeous!

  8. These are awesome! I really love the ones in the wheat field. The golden tones are so pretty!

  9. gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl! I love the light.

  10. Beautiful model and beautiful photos. :)

  11. These are AMAZING! what a wonderful photographer and gorgeous model :) i LOVE the lighting!

  12. I lovelove part 2 with the golden hour...old books, etc. gorgeous!

  13. Love these, the field ones are just lovely, and the books are a cute idea.

  14. These photos are so great! Rachel is such a sweet person! (I hope I get the chance to meet her someday!)

    And I think that the last few photos are super fun and cute. You did a great job on all of them! :)


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