Monday, January 9, 2012

Robb & Misti: to-be-weds // northeast, tx engagement photographer

Together can never be close enough for me
To feel like I am close enough to you
You wear white and I'll wear out the words I love you
And you're beautiful
Now that the wait is over
And love has finally shown her my way
Marry me
Today and everyday
Marry me
If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe
Say you will
|| Marry Me - Train ||

Let's begin by saying that this was my first engagement shoot ever.
That alone means it already tips the Richter scale as one of my most beloved. :D
She was a waitress at a local restaurant. He worked with the owner.
They saw each other everyday at lunch. Silently, casually, cordially meeting in public. 
She filled his glass and he thanked her for her service.
The perfect scenario for a love story. :)
She saved all her best smiles for his lunch hour. She felt silly half the time because she had one looming fear.
He looks so young...what if he's only 18 or something...and I like him! Yikes!
She soon found out he was not 18. He was younger than her...but not by much. Certainly not enough to gum up the works of this romance. :)
As things often go, turns out he nervously liked her from afar just as much as she did him.
And so, things simply clicked.
Like any good fairy tale should.
And the most special part of this happily ever after is that when he fell in love with her... 
...he fell in love with her little boy, Braiden as well. He completed them and they completed him. :) 
{I took several more family pictures of them that I'll be posting later.}

So thats pretty much how it happened. Now they have the lovely prospect of getting married at a beautiful location in Tennessee this year and taking the official first step of the rest of their lives together.
The song couldn't have been anymore in tune with their story. I mean, think about it:
"If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe
Say you will
Marry Me" 
If you want to know the truth I've literally been chomping at the bits since the day they got together...hoping, wishing, dreaming about their engagement. 
Just so I could take their pictures, do a blogpost, and incorporate that song.
Don't tell me. Pure genius. I know.
I'll...uh...stop talking now and let you get back to the subjects.
The funny thing is, this one was pretty close to being my absolute hands down favorite of the day.
But then I took this one and I swooned.
Second place isn't so bad I guess. :)

Speaking of second place, that reminds me that today is the 9th of January. :D
Which means its Princess Catherine's birthday.
Which is not important in the least considering the fact that my big sister and built in best friend Holly already had this day reserved as her birthday when she was born 25 years ago.
Too bad so sad Princess. :)
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to run far far away before I get pummeled by the birthday girl for posting the above picture.

Oh and by the way, in case you're still wondering
none of that had anything to do with second place. :)

Have a Happy Monday :D
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. So beautiful and what a sweet story. Can't wait to see the family pictures! AND happy birthday to Holly!

  2. These are SO cute! Are you doing the wedding?

  3. Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a Fairy Tale Love Story!!! I Love them both and Braiden is my special little man!!! Congrats to Misty, Rob, and Braiden. and Happy Birthday to a SPECIAL Niece today Holly... Gotta love both the pics your sister put on here!!! Love you Allix and thanks for sharing!!
    Aunt Dana

  4. These are so sweet! And I love that song :)

  5. Hey Allix, we were again amazed with the quality and depth of your photos. It's incredibly special to have you share not only your talent with photography, but also your skill in writing, which reinforces your ability to capture touching snapshots of real life. We have started a webpage for the wedding, Thanks again for everything you have done for us.


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