Monday, May 7, 2012

Jacob Bradley : Senior Portraits // northeast, tx senior portrait photographer

At commencement you wear your square-shaped mortarboards.
  My hope is that from time to time you will let your minds be bold,
 and wear sombreros.  
|| Paul Freund|| 

I'd like you all to meet Jacob Bradley.
The day I took his pictures was a pretty big huge least for me. Whereas every portrait shoot I do; really anytime I take pictures, holds some measure of great excitement this was slightly different.
After all, you only do your first senior portrait shoot once. And you only take your first guy portraits once.
These just happened to take place simultaneously for me. ;)
I have to admit I was pretty many new things to think about!! Composition, posing, location choice...its a whole different creature when you're working with a guy.
Good thing Jacob was such an awesome guy to work with. :) 
I've known Jacob since we were both little bitty so I was honored to be the one to take his senior portraits. :) Hopefully he was just as honored to be my guinea pig for a day. ;)
P.S. What's with the term guinea pig anyway?? I'm pretty sure no guinea pig has ever looked this cool.
Ok, I'm positive.
As scared and nervous as I was about how this day of learning experiences would turn out, I never expected how fun and down right awesome it would be. :D
One of the things I was worried about is how I would get him to smile. I think for us girls smiling just comes more naturally. 
{Ok, you don't have to quote me on that...I'm sure its debatable...}
At any rate, that was not a problem with Jacob. He smiled freely and even laughed at nearly all of my poor attempts at funny jokes. 
Since I'm usually the one laughing at those, I was definitely his number one fan for the day. ;)
Brown eyes!! {Hey now, just cause he's not a girl, doesn't mean I can't mention pretty eyes when I see 'em. ;)}
Letterman swagger alert. ;)
This sign they have at the high school was oh-so-convenient and super neat too. :)
What more can I say? I'd call this new endeavor a success. :)
~Through Christ's Love  

What's something new and exciting you've done lately? :)


  1. wow, these are amazing, Allix! awesome the color pop.

  2. these are awesome! i love the ones of him standing in the middle of the road, and under the sign. ;)

  3. I'd call it a success too! Awesome shots!

  4. These are amazing, Allix!! I haven't done a senior shoot yet, much less a senior shoot for a guy, and the thought of doing the latter seems a little intimidating. It's just so...different. Or maybe not? I'll find out some day...but I just wanted to say, you did such a great job!!!!

  5. These are BRILLIANT! I have my first guy senior shoot in a few weeks and I'm freaking out because I have no idea what I'm going to do with him. But you rocked it, girl!

  6. Wow...Allix, for your first guy senior did AMAZING!!!!!! Yes, his eyes in that picture are great..perfect catchlights...

    Oh, Allix.....I SAW YOU in Six Flags at homeschool day just last week!!! You and Rachel Leigh...You guys were going into Batman, and i couldn't get to you in time!!! I was sooooo mad, and really wanted to find you again, but never could! It was really amazing...i was totally going to go up and introduce myself... :) I really hope to actually meet and not just see you someday! :)

    GREAT job on all your photography, i'm aspiring to be like you, Rachel Leigh, and Jesica Shae.. :) keep up the good work!

  7. Great work for your first senior, Allix! Just curious...what lens did you shoot these with?


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