Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daniel + Emily: wedding!! // Ashelynn Manor, Magnolia, TX wedding photographer

It's not very often that one blogpost is so jam-packed with a conglomeration of happy things.
This is,
1.) The first post with pictures from my new camera. {!!!}
2.) Pictures of my old buddy's wedding which was fantastically lovely and fun and joyful and slightly emotional cause, OMIGOODNESS Daniel is MARRIED!!!
3.) Being posted on my birthday.
{That last one wasn't entirely relevant. But hey. It counts. I'm now legally an adult here in Texas. Pretty crazy.}

And before y'all go asking if I am absolutely swooning over the Mark II and also the 50 1.4 which I got in the mail a couple of days after the wedding...yessss and no.
NOT because they are not totally awesome. Cause good gracious, they are! We've really just been goinggoinggoing so much I've hardly had time to catch my breath and actually try to use these new babies! {Our busy-ness alone is one of the reasons why this "Monday post" is now a Wednesday post.}
Its all slowly sinking in. 
I mean, I'm honestly slightly embarrassed cause I hardly took any pictures at D+E's wedding...well, not near as many as I expected to get. But I really could'nt even wrap my head around the foreboding, intimidating nature of my new camera enough to let that shutter button get going. ;D
I'm a nerd. Yes. Ok. Enough talk.
Herrrrre we go. :D 

My mom and I made their guestbook. :)
This is Brad. He's a smiley, happy, awesome friend of ours and the Greenes. :) And he's holding Rachel's new camera. 

The beautiful location! :D It worked out great because it was warm and sunny but slightly overcast so we didn't completely fry...the whole time. ;)

Look at my beautiful parents!! How did such pretty people end up with me, huh?? :D

Pristine...calm...lovely. :)

My Rachel-friend {sister of the groom} being escorted down by the aforementioned Brad who was an usher. :)
{She looked sooo pretty! Her dress was marvelous. :D}

The lovely {and oh-so-dear} father and mother of the groom looking great. Love them. :) :)

And here's the groom himself lookin' all spiffy. :)

Yep. They had a rainbow wedding. It was soooo gorgeous and fun!! :D Better yet, the groomsmen's ties matched the dresses. :)

They had THE cutest flower girls. :)

Daniel noticed me taking pictures of him. I love it. :D

Mrs. Greene and her dad, Don. {See them groomsmen looking shnazzy??}

Emily's entrance literally made the crowd breathless...and speechless. She was one of the most gorgeous and captivating brides I have ever seen. :)

Look at Daniel and his dad's happy faces!! And I adore how Emily's sister Hannah {the maid of honor} is admiring Daniel's reaction. :)
This is a definite favorite.

Got it. ;)

So precious!!

Hehe. ;) Oh! Now would be a great time to introduce you to their fabulous photographer, Jeremy Gilliam {the man in white.} He was such a nice guy and extreeeemely talented. This sneak peek shot of his just kills me everytime! :D

Reception time. :) Note to self: Adorable Couples make a Stunning Bride and Groom Duo. :)

Oh look, I found Rachel. :)

And my beautiful Amanda-friend. :) She's dancing with Jay: brother of the groom and 2nd groomsman. :) {You can meet him in just a sec.}

Time to leave! :)

So there you have it. :) 
I forget how much I love weddings. 
So much love, so much happy...and when its your dear friends getting married it just makes everything even better.
And, one of the best things about weddings is getting to dress so sophisticated, dotcha think? :D

I mean, just look at Amanda! Doesn't she look beautiful in that fancy yellow dress?

And check out Jay's get-up! He was decked. out.
Stylin' Pinstripes...

Ridiculously rad cuff links...

But just like weddings...all the fancy and sophistication has to end some time.

Oh well. ;)

Now I'm off to enjoy my first day of being 17. :)
~Through Christ's Love  


  1. Hey hey heyyy! Happy Birthday, girl! :) LOVE the photos, lady! So cute, so presh, and so lovely. :) You are making me so excited for my MARK! :D

  2. Love these! The lighting is fantastic! :) And don't you know that pretty people make pretty people? You're quite beautiful yourself! And one more thing...Happy Birthday!! :) Again. Yes, again! But yes, they are an adorable couple and you took some great pictures! Did you use your new 50mm 1.4 or did you have it then?!

  3. Wow. I just read the part about getting it after! Ha! Oops! :)

  4. Ahhh! The second (b&w) of them kissing is just adorbs. LOVE. And hopefully I won't come steal your camera. ;)

  5. Happy birthday, Allix! Oh man, I am totally having camera envy right now. These pictures are gorgeous! You are so talented :)

    also, 17 is a good age... I should know :) enjoy it!

  6. Hey,girleen! Excited for you and your new gear! I'll be there one day before too long. =) Love watching your photography develope and grow through your blog! Keep it up!

    Grace and peace.


  7. ohh how beautiful! great job! is this your first wedding?! these are awesome! Happy birthday too!

  8. Good job Allix! These are awesome!

  9. i LOVE weddings as much as you do! there is nothing like them.


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