Thursday, May 10, 2012

Without Flourish // 10 on 10 : May // northeast, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer

I know I'm not the only one that has attempted a grueling daily/weekly photo/blog challenge before. And hopefully I can't be the only one that has utterly failed. Sometimes it's just too much!! Sadly, you can't very well have a 365 project if you only stay sane enough to accomplish 247. And 52 projects are pretty lame when you peter out somewhere around the 15 or 16 week mark.
To remedy this predicament, Hannah Nicole established a chain of us photog friends to participate in a 10 on 10 project. Gist? Take {roundabout} 10 pictures one day at the beginning of the month and post them on the tenth, linking each other so that you can click around and see all our posts. 
Less hassle. Less stress.
But I'll admit, the plan isn't bullet proof. I might have run into a little bit of hassle and stress along the way despite our efforts to avoid it.
Just wait, I'll explain.
I took my pictures for this month throughout the day yesterday. And, here's the truth.
Nothing blow-your-mind-spectacular was going on.
There I said it.
I was at home alone, doing housework and getting a long list of upcoming blogposts constructed. 
It was one of those no makeup, don't ask me about my unwashed hair, yeah its 3:00 in the afternoon and I still have my pajamas on, listen to the music loud to stimulate consistent thought and work flow, kind of day.
Ever had one of those?
A day without flourish.
Such days can be called boring...if you want to declare yourself to have absolutely no imagination whatsoever.
I say those are the days that, even if you have to turn your head and squint a little bit to see it clearly, the beauty is hidden everywhere...embedded deeply into each hour and painted delicately on every second.

{i.e. guess what I can't use until my memory card comes in?!}
Now, at that particular moment I had to really get abstract to see the beauty. 
But it was there. Tucked away in all the frustration and "WAAAAAH!!" feelings, there was a golden opportunity to teach me patience.
God sometimes holds what we want right out of our reach to teach us that the only thing we really need to be yearning after and reaching for is Him.
Yes I really really reeeeeally am excited about getting my memory card and trying out that beautiful black machine you just saw. I can't wait!!! And yet...
There's so much more to life than that. 
Real life.
Flourishless life.
God has not made this life "boring" for us. Even though He is the ultimate gift, He hasn't made Himself the only thing for us to enjoy! How kind He is to allow us to have so many enjoyable things like cameras and memory cards, sunshine and summer flowers, lazy days and exciting weekends!  
"Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;"
-1 Timothy 6:17-
{Speaking of exciting weekends, let me tell ya, this one is gonna be extremely exciting. I'll have a working new camera, and some of my dear friends are getting married which means there will be other good friends coming into town to join in the festivities. Woot woot! ;)}  
~Through Christ's Love  
Don't forget to keep the chain going! Go check out Rachel Leigh's post!! :)


  1. OH MY WORD.

    I love all of these, the first one is totally amazingggg, and congrats on your new camera, it's really fancy looking. ;) hah!

  2. these are beauuuutiful! especially the first one. and congratulations on your new camera! ah, so exciting :)

  3. So beautiful Allix! Your day sounded a lot like mine. Simple, ordinary, but good and even beautiful because of it. :) and AHHHH! I am so excited for you with your camera, girl!!

  4. dude. 5d mark ii? jealous. and i especially love the photo where it says "no card".
    -jocee <3

  5. these are lovely, allix! and when it comes down to it, the most of our days are ordinary ones, and in their own way they're just as beautiful!

  6. This may seem weird but, my favorite part of this post is THE CLOTHES LINE PICTURES! I just really love them. Haha :D

  7. And yet you still managed to make a simple day lovely. :)


  8. Beautiful job!!!! I can relate to that type of day COMPLETELY.

  9. And oh my gosh, congrats on your camera. That is EXCIIIIIITING!


  11. Ah,I love these! I don't know that you could have picked a better day. And congrats on the new camera...that is so so exciting! I know that you'll do wonderful things with it.

  12. YOU GOT YOUR CAMERA!??!?! Way to go!! :)

  13. Wow, I love these all! Way to go for the new camera!


  14. I love this idea. I'll be keeping my eyes out when the next 10th rolls around :)

    And, I JUST was in the same predicament. Ordered the mkII and had NO MEMORY CARD! haha Mine just came.... I'm loving the camera. I hope your card comes soon :)

  15. Fantastic!! Ah! Congrats on the new camera! JEALOUS!! ;) This is such a cool idea! Wish more of us could be included! ;) Off to Rachel's blog. ;)

  16. yayyy, congrats on the new camera! I love your photos :)

  17. congrats on your new camera! super jealous! :) love this idea and your photos are gorgeous :)

  18. Oh my SOUL!!! New camera?! Awesome - congratulations, my girl! You'll looooooooooove it, and I'm totally jealous. Just so ya know. =)

  19. such a beautiful idea!! love it...: )
    your day sounds EXACTLY like my saturday! staying in pyjamas, housework, milkshakes (!), etc.

  20. I KNOW you're going to have THE biggest blast playing with your new camera!! {That's my fav. model!!}


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