Friday, May 18, 2012

Jacob+Brittany : highschool sweethearts // northeast, tx couple portrait photographer

You've seen Jacob's display of raw, unbridled manly coolness and then you had the pleasure of enjoying Brittany's gorgeously stunning model worthy beautifulness {Look mom! I still remember what adjectives are ;)} and now, the climax of this portrait day.
Jacob plus you shall see, it most obviously equals pure cuteness.
I think J* herself would be taken aback by this fierceness. ;)
Beautiful people. :D
Just so ya know...I was doing a happy dance inside during these. 
:) :) :). That's all.

~Through Christ's Love  

P.S. Guess what, guess what!! Monday's post will include pictures with my new camera {not my new lens yet though I do have it :D :D...these are just with my new camera.} And they are some random captures from this beautiful wedding! :D Rawther exciting, I know...I know. :)


  1. These are GORRRGEOUS! Seriously. You should do some posing tips because mine are always awful but yours are brilliant. :)

  2. This is so, so, so precious. Great job!!! :)

  3. Oooooh my. You outdid yourself! These are beautiful. :D

  4. Awesome job! These are all so gorgeous!! :)

  5. Ahh!! Allix! These are gorgeous! The lighting is FANTASTIC! :)

  6. these are awesome! love it. beautiful work, Allix. :)

  7. Great job on the posing again! Brittany's shoes are incredible. :)

  8. What truly incredible photos!!! Such a sweet couple, too! :)

    With love,
    Anne Marie

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