Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can you translate that, please? {mt. pleasant, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer} [Personal]

I pride myself on knowing lots of information about various subjects.
I know random food nutrition facts, sewing lingo, habits of different jungle animals, and the capitals to almost every state in this our United States.
I know all the tricks to make a baby laugh, basic turtle care, I'm familiar with my camera inside and out and have a growing knowledge of photography everyday. I can tell you at least one thing about every president and quote endless amounts of movies and songs.
I am humble enough to admit that there is one area that I am less than up-to-par.
Automobiles. Vehicles. Cars.
The inward and outward mechanisms blow my mind. My vocabulary on these fantastic machines is scarce I'm afraid. Steering wheel, axle, tires, engine, breaks, gasoline, oil, transmission, front seat, back seat, windshield wipers, blinkers, and um...well...I'm running out of ideas.
There is oh-so-much more to know. So many more parts and actions associated with cars...some that I can't even wrap my mind around...or pronounce. But I'm willing to learn and that's what counts!
Anyways, the other night I watched a friend of mine and my dad work into the wee hours of the morning on one of these hunks of metal that we travel around in.
It was mind-boggling to see them laying flat on their backs on the hard concrete driveway, squeezing themselves underneath the vehicle, twisting and turning random parts with random tools of random sizes in the 100+ degree heat...even after midnight. 
Throwing words around that I had no comprehension of;
Differential, transmission filters and fluid, gear oil, etc.
All the while getting so dirty their hands came out looking like a gorilla.
But even men can have style and wear matching red shirts to keep the mood festive. ;)
(They would never forgive me if I did not tell you that that was a complete and total accident) 
After many hours of oil, sweat, and tears...
Nail biting and foot tapping during the stressful parts...
And having to eventually call in some back-up...
They finished victorious! (and tired, and delirious, and rather filthy...)
I present to you:
Jay Greene and Ryan Brunson
Mechanic Extraordinaires!
Give them a hand...they truly deserve it. :D
And while you're at it...if you don't mind clapping for me too...I held the flashlight multiple times and even brought them some ice cold water. Its arguable that I was the reason they were able to finish. Like I said...that may be arguable. ;)  

~Through Christ's Love 

P.S. Just to get back to some slightly girlier atmosphere...I have a new bracelet in the Button Bracelet tab. {Taste the Rainbow} Its my first children's bracelet! :D


  1. Haha I am the exact same way! I can spout off ridiculous bits of knowledge that don't really matter, but I know nothing about cars. :)

  2. know the feeling! I feel very worthless when it comes to car issues. :(


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