Monday, August 22, 2011

Tara Jayde is one! {sugarhill, tx child portrait photographer}

First birthday parties are always so fun, aren't they?
Do you know of any other particular occasion where we go to such great lengths to decorate, celebrate, and encourage babies to stuff their faces with brightly colored sugary icing and fluffy white cake just because they look adorable once it's smeared on every inch of their darling face??
It's absolutely delightful. :D

I recently was privileged to attend the 1st birthday party of Miss Tara Jayde whose sweet vintage outfit I loved...
And feet adornments I adored :D
Like any 1st birthday party, there was cutely themed decorations...
And yummy looking refreshments...and a cake just for the birthday girl. :D 
Though the whole thing was very informal, I was able to grab a few candid portraits of her. :D 

 Her faces are ridiculously adorable!
I rest my case... 
Then it was time for Tara to eat her cake...which didn't come without an agonizing tragedy...
When we sang "Happy Birthday" it seemed like she would be okay... 
She wasn't so convinced... 
But eventually she found that the cake was just too good to waste time crying. ;)
And she happily shared this good news with everyone around her. :) 
And she even fell prey to the tell-tell signs of being the 1st Birthday Girl. :D 
I don't believe she cared a bit. ;) 
My little plate of tastiness. :D {I must admit this was my first time to eat ice-cream with a fork...the outcome? It's just as good. ;)} 
After the refreshments were eaten it was piñata time! :D Tara gladly let her guests gather first...and then she quickly joined the hustle and bustle to find herself a treasure. ;)
 She ended the fun little party by opening a few gifts...
in the comfort of her Mommy's lap. :D 
And, some exciting news to leave you with...Tara's mom Ashley wants me to take scheduled portraits of Tara later so you get to see more of her! In this very same outfit in fact! {After they've washed it of may have a bit of orange icing left somewhere.} ;)
Have a Happy Monday! :D
~Through Christ's Love 

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  1. Oh, how exciting! What a sweet documentation of her day. :)


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