Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Beauty of Summer {northeast, tx portrait and lifestyle photographer} [Personal]

That beautiful season...
Filled is the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
| Henry Wadsworth Longfellow |
{Hope you are in the mood to tarry for a bit...this may be on the lengthy-ish side but sure to make you smile. ;)}

As swiftly and gloriously as it made its appearance, my favorite season is fading fast. It is crazy to think that its already almost September. (Did I really just say September??

It seems like just yesterday that June began our festivities...
Gardening, Canning, and Crape Myrtles

Hanging out Laundry, Honey Suckle, and Homemade Garden Fresh Pizza
Babysitting sleeping baby girls and sleeping baby ducks
July came marching in behind with joys of its own:
American Flags and Fireworks
More Gardening...more Canning...
Dairy visits and Petting horses

Camping with Friends and A Great Bible Reading Challenge
The Miracle of Life
Swing-sets and Daring Leaps of Faith
Movie Making and more Movie Making

And then there's been August... 
Getting extra swimming in before summer is over!!

Being at dear friends' house during golden hour and a beautiful sunset...
Friends with adorable little ones...
Enjoying the sweetness and relaxation of simple country living...
And lastly, something so very bittersweet happened to abruptly cut short this summer fun.
On the 22nd she woke up, got dressed, and prepared to embark on one of the biggest journeys of her little life...her little bitty life...especially compared to her great big backpack and huge "flip-flopping tummy" smile.
Anna was close by her side, nearly as excited as Maggie herself.
Mitchell and Brandi held it together like champs...though I know they felt like going into hysterics, "MAGGIE!!! OUR BABY!!!" 
They saved that emotion for after they dropped Maggie off. ;)
{Along with me who came home and bawled as I looked back over the pictures I had taken}
As we drove to the school Maggie turned to me and said, "It's not summer anymore, Allix." I nodded. "You're right Maggie. Looks like summer's over." She sighed. "Yeah...even if we wanted to go to the beach...we couldn't. That's what it means when you start Kindergarten. No more summer."
She stopped for one last smile before she walked through The Doors.
And then, there she was. As if she had been going to Kindergarten her whole life. As if she had never been a little baby wrapped up in a big pink blanket. As if she had never been her Grandmama's Silly Girl and her Mama's Gracie. As if she had never been 2 feet tall with a 5 inch blonde ponytail. As if she had never had trouble saying her L's and looked at me with those sparkly blue eyes and said, "I yove you Ayix." :')
She just seemed to blend right into this new world.
But you and I both know the truth.
Summer did happen.
And it was wonderful.
I wish it never had to end....

Now I'm back to the school books as well...trying with all my might to finish high school. Just call me the "Little Junior that Could" and I'll stick through it with a few "I Think I Can's" playing through my head. Let's face's down from 107 to 105 degrees here in Texas. Summer is fading.
But at least we have the memories. :)
I'd love to hear some of yours! Tell me...what did you do that was oh-so-lovely this summer??
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. This is beautiful. What wonderful memories you've captured this summer!

  2. Great post and pictures, Allix! It is sad summer has ended, but adventures lie ahead just waiting to be touched! :D

  3. Awwwww...Great Pictures. Is that your niece??

  4. Thanks everyone :D

    Isn't she precious?? She isn't my niece though. She (and her little sister Anna) are my oldest cousin's little girls. Me and my mom keep them at our house a few days every week. :)

  5. Great pictures! :-) Looks like a great summer!


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