Monday, August 8, 2011

[Update] Atlas Elizabeth {dallas, tx nicu photographer}

Hey everyone! Atlas Elizabeth here. I have grown a bunch since you saw me last! I've gained a whole pound since I was born so now I tip the scales at a hefty 3lb. 14 oz and I got  a bunch of those icky tubes and masks off my face! 
Now all I have is my little orange feeding tube. And I hardly even notice it when Mommy's in here with me. :)
Uh-oh! Oh no...Maaaawwwm!
She insists on putting this silly little hat on my head. I know its just cause she thinks I'm so cute and she loves me so much. But with cousin Allix taking all these pictures...they're bound to end up on Mommy's Facebook! Oh embarrassing...
At least I have all these pretty decorations in my room.
They make me very happy. :)

Well, its been good talking to all of you but I'm a little tired. So, I'll see you all next time. :)
Good night. :)

Psssst! I'll make this quick so I don't wake her up {isn't she PRECIOUS by the way??!! The Lord has been SO wonderful...she continues to progress in leaps and bounds!!} We had a wonderful visit seeing her and being with her parents...its just amazing to see God's goodness. My family and I drove home with happy hearts and a beautiful sunset to enjoy out the window. Praise our Majestic Savior! :D
~Through Christ's Love 


  1. Such a beautiful baby! Praise God she is doing better!

    -Carli Nicole @

  2. WOW! These pictures are so precious! I absolutely loove the emotion that you captured.

  3. She's simply beautiful!! Miss you girl!! <3


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