Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In Which the Countdown Continues with Post Two - The White Dress

"Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him:
 for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His bride hath made herself ready
And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white
for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints."
|| Revelation 19:7-8 ||

I've started this countdown with probably two of the most tedious and terrifying things I deal with on a wedding day....rings and the bride's dress. Rings, because they are so small and delicate and because I often am trying to balance them on something not made to support the weight, are easily dropped and lost if I am not careful. Therefore finding the perfect place, placing them in the perfect position, and then trying to achieve the perfect shot often feels like I am performing something nothing short of brain surgery. ;) Another time my precision and care must come greatly into play is when dealing with the dress. To get a creative shot I often find myself being drawn towards and hanging the dress in rather precarious spots from time to time. From tip-toeing and jumping to reach a branch I pray is strong enough, to tromping through knee deep leaves and holding the dress above my head....the goal is always to protect the precious cargo and bring it back to the bride as sparkling white as it was when I whisked it away. ;) After going through the process of finding my own dream dress, I understand the fun and exciting and sentimental feelings these lovely ladies have for their "once in a lifetime" gown. Whether it's Grecian, or fairytale, simple, or elaborate...I've really loved
finding new ways to capture the bride's personality and the timeless beauty of the dress she'll always remember as the one she wore as a bride, prepared for her groom. 

Her dress suited her sweet, spunky, adorable personality perfectly. She looked radiant and beautiful for Colin.
Her vintage-esque and unique lace dress made the very statement that she makes herself...gorgeous, carefree, and fun!
 Her big fluffy "princess" dress made this hilarious, caring, and lovely bride look like pure queen material. Derick was blown away at their first look and loved every inch of this dress.
This dress looked wonderful on her...it was flattering, detailed, and perfectly suited for her confident, joyful, and natural beauty.
This dress exquisitely spoke volumes when paired with the kind, soft-spoken, beautiful bride. With added sleeves, it was the same dress her older sister wore, which opened my eyes on the wedding day to the great bond those girls share.
When I arrived to take pictures of her in the downstairs of the house she grew up in, surrounded by all her sisters, I knew just where I wanted to hang her dress that was "so Sarah." Classic, mature, and modest.
Her JCrew gown might have looked simple hanging up but once she put it on, it was breath-taking. The cream color against her dark skin was dreamy and every time the wind blew around her, it flowed effortlessly like water.
Mary Catherine:
I wasn't there before Mary got ready so I only ever saw the dress on her....not that I'm complaining. ;) Every angle of this dress was more and more stunning...I was almost convinced that this was a royal wedding and they just weren't telling us. ;)
When someone is your dear friend and a bridesmaid in your wedding, most people would expect that I would have an idea of what Amanda would want in a wedding dress or that I would've at least imagined her in one. For some reason, I never could! But when she revealed this lovely dress for me to photograph I got tears in my eyes. It was elegant but simple and when it was on her, she looked like she was made to be a bride.  
I had been giddy ever since she texted me that she would be sporting a BHLDN beauty, and when I saw the darling "Laverne" in person, it did not disappoint. And when she finished it off with that dazzling belt from Etsy...it was magic.
As a mother of the most adorable twin girls who are literally her "mini-me"s, I knew I wanted to hang all three of the dresses together. This dress had so many wonderful elements, from the illusion top and sleeves, the elaborately detailed lace, to the pouffy tulle bottom...this dress plus Kat equaled one knock-out bride.
For this country girl, her dress got prettier and prettier the more the tiny almost hidden details caught your eye. It wasn't too over the top for her to wear her cowgirl boots, but it was just the right amount of lovely for this sweet bride.
I was so excited to hear that I had influenced some of my brides when I posted about my Simply Bridal experience. Madlen looked great in this dress and it went wonderfully with their outdoor garden wedding. 
My precious Mama-in-Love's dress was so fun and different! From the top with a skirt design to the color embroidery work on it this dress was such a winner. It was a perfect blend of grace and sass for their unforgettable rooftop Nashville nuptials. 
As if the El Paso mountains didn't astound me enough, seeing her dress took my breath away. It was exquisite, and was almost as remarkably stunning as she was. 
My second El Paso wedding as well as my second Simply Bridal bride...who also found her dress after reading my post. It was such an interesting, fun, and delightfully pretty dress which is basically like Charissa in a nutshell! 
For this tough and tumble kind of girl with a diamond in the rough beauty, her incredibly detailed and gorgeous wedding gown surprised everyone. But she pulled it off brilliantly and looked like the princess she never knew she wanted to be. ;)
When she sent me a stock photo of her dress my jaw literally dropped. I could hardly stand waiting until my last wedding of the year before I got a chance to photograph this masterpiece. It gave a Great Gatsby vibe that blew everyone away and on the stunning bride, it made a powerful statement.

It was so fun going back and looking at all these gorgeous dresses and seeing even clearer now how well they suited each bride! I love these ladies and I think this obviously shows how they all have wonderful taste. ;) 

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  1. Perfect description of Rachel! Great job getting angles and shades that I didn't even realize were on there... And I studied it for the cake!


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