Wednesday, December 24, 2014

in which the countdown continues with post three - The Flowers

Tori + Colin - March 15:
Tori's big bundle of white tulips was stunning for her early spring wedding and the yellow and white arrangements just "popped" against the royal blue bridesmaid dresses.
Abra + Brady - March 29:
For their outdoor lakeside wedding, the abundance of baby's breath with the addition of a few white hydrangeas here and there was so light and refreshing.
Emily + Derick - April 26:
The yellow and white daisies and roses bouquets were so classy against the navy blue dresses and the men's gray suits!
Kellen + John - July 12:
As you can see, yellow and blue was a very popular color combination this year...and that's because it just works! I loved the different shade of blues with the bright sunflowers at this wedding, and in lieu of flowers for the guy's boutonnieres they actually used fishing lures!   
Hannah + Aaron - August 9:
The cream roses and baby's breath was so soothing matched with the gray dresses and turquoise blue accents!
Sarah + Cody - August 23:
These were such lovely, delightful bouquets! The pink, cream, and white against the light blue was so fresh and bright! And the wildflowers used in the reception centerpieces were perfect for their summer wedding.
Mary + Daniel - September 13:
For their timeless exquisite chapel wedding, the rose and baby's breath arrangements were classic and beautiful and Mary's bouquet was incredible.
Amanda + Tom - September 27:
 The assortment of varying colored purple flowers with cream roses and baby's breath tucked in looked perfect against the dark purple bridesmaid dresses. I love how each girl turned their bouquets a different way so you can really get a feel for all the lovely flowers that were included.
Jasmine + Phillip - October 4:
Jasmine told me on the phone that when someone asked what her colors were as far as bridesmaid dresses and flowers were concerned; she laughed. "Umm...Every color?" Their whole wedding was bursting with floral extravagance from her stunning bouquet wrapped with a gold ribbon, the printed bowties on the guys, to the floral bridesmaid dresses paired tastefully with simple white bouquets. The ceremony and reception were both covered in all kinds of beautiful blooms and amongst it all there were hidden roses made out of book pages. Brilliant! 
Kat + Nate - October 11:
Though the bride didn't have a bouquet, the singe red flower each of the bridesmaids held during the ceremony just popped against their assorted gray dresses!
Chelsey + Allen - October 12:
Though the day was cloudy, the flowers made up for it! All the luscious shades of fuchsia and purple were  absolutely phenomenal. Definitely some of my favorite florals of the year! 
Madlen + Kyle - October 17:
The green and white paired really well with the navy blue and the baby's breath tucked into Madlen's hair was just lovely.
Michelle + Gonnie - October 25:
The flowers at my mother-in-law's wedding were amazing...the bold contrast between the yellow, red, and green was the perfect vibe to match their downtown Nashville wedding. And against the gray? Stellar.
Rebekah + Samuel - November 15:
These flowers were absolutely breath-taking and quite possibly my very favorites of the year...the succulents and roses and pinecones! *swoon* You can see hers even more close up in their ring shots from this post. And those "W"s made entirely out of succulents? *double swoon*
Charissa + Andrew - November 22:
Sunflowers win again! Instead of typical bouquets, the fact that the bridesmaids had flowers cascading from lanterns was so whimsical and fun! The blue, yellow, and red made for really delightful and bright arrangements at the reception and Charissa's bouquet with ivy hanging down was so enchanting.
Rachel + Nathan - December 13:
The cream bouquets with hints of lavender against the dark green on the bridesmaids was such a perfect wintry color combination and the light poinsettias in the sanctuary were a creative nod towards the coming holiday while keeping with the rest of the day's color scheme. 
Reagan + Derek:
Their chilly "nearly Christmas" wedding was gorgeously accompanied with rich red florals with gold and dark gray accents. It was classy and sophisticated and perfectly suited Derek and Reagan who both adore the color red!

I won't be posting tomorrow because I'll be busy Christmas-ing but the countdown will resume the day after! Merry Christmas everyone! 

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  1. May you have a very merry Christmas Allix, as you celebrate for the first time as Mrs. Trevor Ruby!


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