Monday, December 22, 2014

In Which I Count Down to 2015 by Daily Recounting 2014 :: Starting with Post One - Ring Shots

I am going to be perfectly cliche here by saying 2014 has been a magical year. 
How do I put into words what it was like to simultaneously plan my own wedding and then shoot three this spring...To be a bride myself, marry my  best friend and "person for life", honeymoon with him, and settle into being married...To shoot fifteen more weddings as the year rolled on, including a favorite author of mine that I've looked up to for many years, a precious dearest bridesmaid friend, and my own mother-in-love...along with many other darling friends, new and old?! <3 
It has been a bursting and abounding year of blessings and learning curves and far too much more of God's grace than I deserve. It has been so full that I haven't kept up with blogging all the amazing things I've been able to capture, although I do want to catch up on that in the coming months! But in the meantime, I wanted to perhaps do something "blog-wise" that I could actually accomplish as I finish up everything....
A countdown to the new year with a different category 2014 review post every day until 2015! :) 
Today I'm starting with some shots that kinda get lost in the mix but that I actually love a great deal. I've heard so many mixed opinions about ring shots from other photographers....after all, aren't the actual people most important? (Of course.) Isn't it a little material minded to focus on something as petty as jewelry? (Not necessarily.) Are they really going to care about a picture of their rings 50 years from now? (I know I'm going to be cherishing mine by Kristen forever!)
Well, becoming a bride myself answered all those questions for me from my own perspective. My ring holds a very powerful place in my heart as well as Trevor's ring....they are very real physical symbols that we "belong" to each other. We, after all, can't wear big neon t-shirts that say "taken" everyday. ;) Every time that I glance at my breath-taking ruby all I can think of is the Mr. Ruby that I am blessed to call my very own and that gave me this ring to ask me to be his. :)

So! I've had a blast growing in this area of my wedding photography this past year. I hope my couple's are thankful for these images and can appreciate how I sought to beautifully capture these symbols of their love. :)

Colin + Tori :: March 15, 2014
Brady + Abra :: March 29, 2014
Derick + Emily :: April 26, 2014
John + Kellen :: July 12, 2014
Aaron + Hannah :: August 9, 2014
Cody + Sarah :: August 23, 2014
Tairi + Bianca :: August 31, 2014
Daniel + Mary Catherine :: September 13, 2014
Tom + Amanda :: September 27, 2014
Phillip + Jasmine :: October 4, 2014
Nathan + Katherine :: October 11, 2014
Allen + Chelsey :: October 12, 2014
Kyle + Madlen :: October 17, 2014
Gonnie + Michelle :: October 25, 2014
Samuel + Rebekah :: November 15, 2014
Andrew + Charissa :: November 22, 2014
Nathan + Rachel :: December 13, 2014
Derek + Reagan :: December 21, 2014


  1. Love, love these! (esp. the last one!) Gorgeous...

  2. It's so good to see you back on the blog! Looking forward to you countdown posts!

  3. Wow. This is so fun. So many ring shots, I love how they are all unique and different.

  4. Wonderful!! I especially love the one on the piano! Do you mind sharing what lens you used for these shots?


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